I’m So Lucky

My last two posts would be on opposite sides of the spectrum. HA! Oh well. That’s life. Haha.

I’m lucky to have him by my side. I’ve never been with someone so patient with me especially when I’m being irrational. I’ve never been with someone who shows how much they care about me through actions more than words. And I’ve never been with someone who I can clearly see a future with. I’m scared and my guard goes up from time to time but he reassures me that he isn’t like my other relationships and I absolutely believe him because I feel it. It’s strange because after my heart getting absolutely crushed the last time, I was done and I wasn’t looking. Then surprise! He’s always been there. We’ve always been close. We’ve always been friends. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Definitely a decade in the making. ❤️

Fuck You

I hate you for fucking me up mentally. I didn’t realize how much you fucked me over until now. I’ve had to mend my heart and my mind because of you and it isn’t even completely healed yet and to have my guard up with someone who treats me better than I’ve ever been treated before in a relationship, it’s so unfair.

Sorry that I’ve been neglecting you tumblr! 😩 Life has been insanely crazy the past couple of months! 😳

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Sardinia, Italy | Kepa


Sardinia, Italy | Kepa


This HR dept doesn’t negotiate with Terrorists.

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